Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have found a treasure. A treasure few know exist. Its a recipe, you can also call it a recipebook. I found the way of life. Treasure of life.

I am not talking about becoming famous and rich like Donald Trump or Britney Spears, but the recipe on how to have an everlasting, ever ending happiness.
To fill the heart with so much compassion the it overflows with happiness and joy. Compassion.
To live is so much more than just to look good, dress good and exercise enough. It is so much more than having a good job that gives you heaps of money, so you can by better, nicer things. To live is more than just to be alive.
Do you live?

Do you live?

A computer is dead without electricity. A storybook without words are no story.Food without taste is tasteless. A soccer match without a ball, a dance without movements....
Human beings are Body, Soul and Spirit. Where do you live from?

Do you live?

From the inside out, I will sing from the inside out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Habari yako? How are you? Hvordan gar det?

The summer is coming to kenya, every day is getting hotter, and we like it!
This month focus is to go around to as many people as possible and do a research.
A research were I want to see have to mobilize people, and to create a network among workers. We need good advocacy and people who wants to bring changes.

Its so interesting to here people opinions and thoughts about this place, and about other people. Sadly, one extreme thing i notice is how everyone is blaming "the others" for the negative things in this city. It leads to lack of self-help and willingness to work for good changes...

But there is hope! I know there is!
Have a good week, enjoy life and do as much out of it as you can!