Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fuck, run!

They take you. hit you. Tease you. Gossip you.

Bully you. Criticize you.

Fuck, run!

                      - but they are my friends.

I know,

thats why you have to run.
This is one of my poemes from the "earlier days". Who is wrong and who is right?
When do you know who`s the bad guy and the good guy.
I guess life is a movie where you don`t know which path you are on
before you look back on the old path, your old footprints.

You Learn.
Learing and growing is something faboulous about your movie.

And my movie taught me some hard lessons.
But I am glad,
Now I might look back
and have the answers.

Do you have the answer? Who is the bad/ good guy in your life? How can you know?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Few facts:
Wow! Times running by fast and I am already leaving for Kenya in 2 weeks!
I will travel with Turkish airlines with uncomfortable seats and no tvscreen (to save some money) at September the 3. Im going to visit the organisation"Youth with a mission" in two places. Garissa is a city at the same size as Drammen, my hometown <3. I will stay there the two first month, met HEAPS of people and help out with all I can. Hopefully some church- and children work and maybe some teaching? 
Then I am going to Tana Delta for the last month. I been told to bring old shoes and slippers  because of the muddy roads and streets. Or.. I dont know if it is actually streets there. Is it streets in the bush, cause thats were Im going!?

Cultureshock to come.. What?
I have mentally prepared and said to myself that I want to be outgoing, sharing and spitting out ideas at every corner. Coming with suggestions and always say my opinion.
And then I read the book
"Foreign to Familiar" by Sarah A. Lanier, that made me realise that I had to fix my mentality! My culture and ways of doing things is so different from the African "warm culture". I come from Norway, which you could generalize and call a "cold culture". Norwegians are direct, effective and taught to be individualistic. We are honest and right on, and as me; always saying our opinion. 
Africans are indirect and think about the atmosphere more then the effectivness. That means that a no can mean a yes and a yes can mean a no.. The group is more important then the individual, you shouldnt always say your opinion out loud.
Will I adapt to their ways easily or will I have a three months cultureshock?
I am preparing, taking one day a time, because thats the only thing I can do..
I am so excited!!!