Thursday, September 23, 2010

A "normal" day

I wake up in the morning around 5.30 am when the donkeys are screaming, and city coming alive. I lay in bed, thinking of what todays day will bring, and what kind of troubble I have to avoid. I raise and shine around 6.30-7.00 am and fold my mosquito net and fold my masaii blanket. Breakfast; homebaked bread, guava fruit tomatoes and carrots served with coffe/Milo gives you the energy to go to your first appointment. I always tape my toes before I go out the house. I already have heaps of blisters. And then I normally visit different schools. See how peoples charity can effect communities and help to e.g. develop a village. Talk with people, and alot of thinking to understand how to develop longterm projects for this people.

Then I walk home. Everything is within a walking distance, but I get exhausted of walking in the sand and the sun shining bright, bright, bright on all of me. There is no "good, western" roads. It is sand, and I walk with long dresses to be appropriate and respectful.
I eat a delicious lunch that Mama makes. Rice and beans, some potato and some good -pancake similar bread. Then I sleep. It is to hot to do anything, and I just sleep, one - two hours.

At 4pm. I met up with some people or are doing cultural, religious and society studies. At 6 pm. it gets dark, and I play with kids here. When it is dark you have to figure out something to do that doesnt need light. And you are never out after dark, then you put yourself in great danger.
So, we play, talk, discuss and eat a good last meal, the dinner. We drink cold water, which is "a wow", we have beans and rice, potatoes and some soup and once in awhile a piece of meat. It is an perfect end of the day. We eat and watch our daily show on a korean channel. Then it is bed time at 9 pm.

I lay in my bed with my flashlight on. Reading a little bit in the bible. Always proverbs 3:24-26
Getting sleepy, and within 10 pm. I am sleeping with a thankful smile to God in my face.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Have long have I been here? Two weeks? It feels like So much more. Everything is getting better and better. There is new adventures around every corner and I want to tell you some few stories. Where to begin? Haha, have you ever had the feeling of being so full of stories and thoughts that you dont know where to begin? I went to an orphange yesterday, and that was really touching.

There were approx. 15 - 20 kids in all ages in this orphange. The smallest ones had a wet butt, cause they dont have any diapers, and they dont get changed before the end of the day.
I went there with some Americans I've met (They are awesome). We brought biscuits, and had to open the packages right away so Mama (Who runs the place) wouldnt sell them and buy stuff for herself. She is a drunky. We were there for 2 hours I guess, and had one child on the lap, before we had to give some love to another child. This kids are abandon and no one wants them. And the people in this village, doesnt reaaaaally like them. They(the village people) dont like us either, so we cant go there to much.
This kids are alone, with no identity.  They dont know have to play games, they never have.

The Americans I met are here for a student internship. They are so cool! They have taken me to town, and learned me some Swahili. We laugh together, and had some french homecooked dinner on friday. I feel blessed! I will hopefully do more with them, and hope to pursue them to do some projects in the schools with me. (They dont know that yet, haha)

I will write more soon, but right now I have to cut my hair. See ya! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For all that are praying

Thank you so heavenly much for all prayers you have lifted up for my sake.
God will reward you in heaven, and I will let you know later what incredible things you have been a part of.
And what you have helped me to overcome.
Prayers are my one and only wish, that are higly needed here.
Today I was able to walk around and not being scared, for the first time since I came.

People are stirring all the time, and commenting everything about me. It is hard, but with your faithful prayers everything is possible.
I will be gone for a week, but I will have you all in my heart and mind.

You, Gods joy; keep going strong, never lose your faith, then you will see what kind of amazing, incredible things our father can do for you. He loves you so much, he hear all your prayers,
Thank you so much! You are a part of my safety, joy and sleep. I wouldnt have this things without your prayers.

Ps. What God told me in my dreams, are now coming true. We have seen it on the news...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First 5 days!

This country is amazing :D
 I spent my two first days in *tha* place and got to know heaps of people there. People with stories that shocked and amazed me. Some that had gone to the finest design schools in the u.s.a   and are now starting a jewelry business for some etnic groups here so that they can earn money to pay for their childerns school fee.
I went with them to the jewelry marked and were their young; input opinion. haha XD
It was so mindblowing to see how a business can take form..
A women  i talked to, german, had been here a looooong time by herself and told me and prepared me for some craziness I could meet. Thank you! She had learned some funny triks on how to get rid of the insects, and further on...
I met a man from a local tribe who told me about the first time he saw the phone ringing.. He didnt know what to do...

And now I am in *the next * place.( Had to take a long busdrive,i was lucky, i had a seat while other were hanging out the door)  i thought there were 70 000 people here, but came to the city and found out that, that was really wrong. This is a big place, with a lot of people.
so sometimes I ask my self; What can I do here!!????
my *new family* learn me so much. If  I came all this way just to give them the vision and get this learning back, then it is already worth it. I see things in new perspectiv, and things arent as we all think they are..
alot of people say they want to help with the african development, But dont you think they trying really hard alredy? I have seen the hope organization, unicef, unesco ( I think) and some less know.
And yes Africa do need us. But have can we solve a problem without knowing what the problem really is..

It is September and I am sweating day and night. My deodrant actually fell apart, and it will be hotter.
(Summer in December) I have just been in Malaysia and Australia, but wow this is different.

Take care wherever you are in this world. Never lose your hope, but keep striving after the things you want.
Please remember me, and pray.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Kenya? This is my story.

It begun when I was 14 years old. I was laying in my bed, sleeping in.
And then I heard this voice in my head. I can`t describe how it feels, its something you have to experience yourself to understand. Anyways, this voice said "Maria, when you get old. You have to water the flowers and give them nutrition". Whaat? I had no clue what it meant,
but it felt important... I wrote it down.

A time later (less then a year) I heard the same voice! "Maria, what I mean by watering the flowers is that you have to pray for people. And by nutrition I mean that you have to spread the gospel."

I was 15 at the time and went to school; busy with homework and everything with it. But last fall I got this sense of something big coming. I had no rest, and was waiting for something I didnt wait for...

Then I went to YWAMs "new years camp 2009" were a girl I didnt know prayed for me. She saw a picture of seeds coming to me. And I knew it right away. It was the flowers seed! I felt mr. father gave me the sack with seeds. Prepared me,because the time was in.

I prayed for people and saw things happend in their life, but I knew it was something more with this "calling".
It wasn`t all, so in May I had a dream. A picture of Kenya surrounded by water to the east, and Somalia in the north. "The grass is dying, and people are losing their hope. Hard times is coming for this people". I got alot of information about this place and when I woke up it was stuck in my head.

God, is this you? How could I know?
I prayed about it, I wouldnt let one dream determine my future plans. I needed confirmation if this was it.
Glenn, an awesome guy and friend prayed for me and he started to talk about 1 Peter in the bible.. Blablabla, I didn`t see the point of talking about this now, I tried to find out about my future. (Sorry, Glenn)

I went away and then my humoristic Mr. Father told me " Hey, take a hint girl. Go and read 1 Peter"
So, I did. I opened the book excited,cause I had never read this book before.
Before I started reading he said "Just read the first chapter and look for something with vegetation".
And I read, and this is what I found. I will not forget it, I am always thankful for it;

"All men are like grass,
and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of the Lord stands forever. 
And this is the word that was preached to you".      
                                                       1 Peter 1:24-25

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random thoughts...

Yesterday was a beautiful day. My bestfriend were with me almost all day and I relaxed, totally!
I walked down to the city around and realized that this would be one of the last timesI could walk around alone safe as a lamb in the streets for three months.
I wore my red flower dress that came half way down to my knees and brown tights. And realized that, that would also be one of the last days with split between my legs. Because for the next three months I have to were skirt.

 I like skirt, but this make me realize how lucky I am here in Norway with all this oppertunities.
Or just a little bit of what kind of challening things Im gonna  meet.
Then I sat in the sun, licking me without getting a sunburn.. Oh, I tought.. my last day without sunscreen?

Sometimes it just hit me how GOOD everything is. Life is good.
I can do whatever I want and there are no limits.
I take to much for granted, and I know it. What can I do about it?

Im going out far away, so I can appreciate what I got right here...

I am going out far away, so I can appreciate what I got right here...

Thank you, my love