Sunday, December 12, 2010

In Norway

I have been back in Norway for 9 days now, and its been surprisingly.. Not as I expected. When I first landed on the airport I got bitten by the freezing cold weather. Snow, ice and beautiful mountains. Than I went to a gas station to get my self an ice-tea (Yep, you heard right) and was shocked to feel the stressing atmosphere. Blond girls frying burgers in fast speed, and customers complaining that the queue were to long... there were three customers.
I came home and was overwhelmed, we actually have a nice home. Seriously, this house is marvellous, I just hadn`t thought about it before...
I hid myself inside the house for 7 days trying to get to used to everything. The amazing quietness, no donkeys, no gekkos, no mosqitos and no moske calling out in the night. It is so extremely different. I went from one world to the other without understanding that it was to different worlds.. And I guess that gave me some kind of a cultureshock.

Even to see leftover crumbs on the plate after dinner felt bad.. Why didn`t my brother eat this precious food?

My time in Kenya was perfect. I was challenged in so many ways, all by myself without having anyone to lean on... Except God; and I guess that was what made it so perfect. I felt "useful", it actually made a difference in people the things I did. The work I were put into.

I have found a new joy in this life, and I just want to tell you;
There is so much hope to all the misery you see around you.

I am home now, doing a fundraising, because I need to go back with a report on the research I have been doing. Encourage people and show them how much we can do to actually CHANGE, TRANSFORM and uplift that town.
I left my heart in Kenya, and need to go back to get it.

If you would like to know more about my work, please send me an email.

This is a hint of what you can get in your mail.

"It was sad to see the bigger picture as I dug deeper into the work. It seems to me like they don’t really have any vision, and that their words and action don’t go together. They focus a lot on power and wealth before equipping. There is division and distrust.
... are in general “enemies”. They are avoiding each other, looking down on each other and talk bad about each other.

But I do see hope. People are changing, .. are trying to work together and help each other. People are being educated and are striving to see changes and to have mutual respect. And glory to God because changes are coming. A month before I came to Garissa there also came a man from America who told the... the same vision as I had had. A man from another African country has also arrived in Garissa because God told him changes are coming to its city. ... X who has been in Garissa for MANY years are saying something is happening. That something is changing really fast. I believe it is time... "


  1. Maria... This was so touching!!! I love the last bit where you tell how others came to the village around the same time because God told them to-I bet that is encouraging to you as well!!

    Isn't it crazy how much culture shock we can experience without even realizing that it is going to happen?? I had very similar experience when I came home... and that was just from DTS and outreach!

  2. A, thank you Jess! Its true, it meant heaps to me :)
    Culture shock is not a good thing. Is it all good now? There is though, one thing I like about those shocks.. They make you learn and see so much things and you will take home good experiences (hopefully) and adapt them to home!
    (that sounded a little bit strange, but I hope it makes sense:P)