Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fuck, run!

They take you. hit you. Tease you. Gossip you.

Bully you. Criticize you.

Fuck, run!

                      - but they are my friends.

I know,

thats why you have to run.
This is one of my poemes from the "earlier days". Who is wrong and who is right?
When do you know who`s the bad guy and the good guy.
I guess life is a movie where you don`t know which path you are on
before you look back on the old path, your old footprints.

You Learn.
Learing and growing is something faboulous about your movie.

And my movie taught me some hard lessons.
But I am glad,
Now I might look back
and have the answers.

Do you have the answer? Who is the bad/ good guy in your life? How can you know?

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