Thursday, August 19, 2010


Few facts:
Wow! Times running by fast and I am already leaving for Kenya in 2 weeks!
I will travel with Turkish airlines with uncomfortable seats and no tvscreen (to save some money) at September the 3. Im going to visit the organisation"Youth with a mission" in two places. Garissa is a city at the same size as Drammen, my hometown <3. I will stay there the two first month, met HEAPS of people and help out with all I can. Hopefully some church- and children work and maybe some teaching? 
Then I am going to Tana Delta for the last month. I been told to bring old shoes and slippers  because of the muddy roads and streets. Or.. I dont know if it is actually streets there. Is it streets in the bush, cause thats were Im going!?

Cultureshock to come.. What?
I have mentally prepared and said to myself that I want to be outgoing, sharing and spitting out ideas at every corner. Coming with suggestions and always say my opinion.
And then I read the book
"Foreign to Familiar" by Sarah A. Lanier, that made me realise that I had to fix my mentality! My culture and ways of doing things is so different from the African "warm culture". I come from Norway, which you could generalize and call a "cold culture". Norwegians are direct, effective and taught to be individualistic. We are honest and right on, and as me; always saying our opinion. 
Africans are indirect and think about the atmosphere more then the effectivness. That means that a no can mean a yes and a yes can mean a no.. The group is more important then the individual, you shouldnt always say your opinion out loud.
Will I adapt to their ways easily or will I have a three months cultureshock?
I am preparing, taking one day a time, because thats the only thing I can do..
I am so excited!!!

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  1. Ah! It all sounds so exciting! I'm sure it will be culture shock, but at the same time you have a great ability to love people, so just take it slow and feel out how they do things and how they communicate! You'll be fine!!!:D SOOOO excited for you!