Sunday, October 17, 2010

"It feels like I am living"

I remember when I made this blog, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make one. I had questions popping up in my head; would I have good stories to write? Would I experience things that are worth writing about? How is my English?
It turns out that I was right in a sense. I don’t write here as much as I want, but the reasons for why I am not writing are totally different. It is like I got so much to do that I never have time to go to an internet café. And when I first have time, I have no idea what to write because the feelings and impressions I got from everything around me could never be described well enough.
On Tuesday I visited a sweet married couple. We had a fantastic lunch together and talked about everything. I heard there incredible life stories. About how she came from a well educated family, jumped into “poor people” education and God told her the name on her to-be-husband and what kind of work he was doing. After some years she got married to this man, and all the private details God had told her about him was right. God had set them together long before they knew each other.
They shared with me secrets only life can show you, and touched my heart in their words and actions.
On Thursday I went to Mombasa. The bus trip was different from all others trips I have had. I was nicely squids in a corner, had a 3 year old boy on my lap, and we were jumping up and down as if we were in a roller coaster. I had lunch on the road with a family I couldn’t communicate with, but we tried…
On Friday Ebby, Millie and I went to a crocodile park. I held snakes, crocodiles and saw Africa’s largest crocodile.  Seriously! Eaten Ugali, rice and beans and I even swam in the Indian Ocean today. I got up quit fast; it was just too weird hear people screaming “mzungo, mzungo” which means “white person, white person” all the time.  
Tomorrow I am heading out to the bush. Seriously the bush. I will live in a mud house, and cook with coals. There is no electricity, no clean water and barely “enough” food. They don’t speak any English so I have to use and practice my poor Swahili. Habari? Asante sana!
Luckily I am just staying there one week to begin with, so I am just really excited. The things and people I have met, the variety in things to experience is still mind blowing. Gods work in me and in this people are too good to be true, and too hard to explain. I really am fare out of my comfort zone.
“It feels like I am living. And not only living, but living on a day to day basis where I can do whatever God tells me to do on that day”.  Journaling sat. 16 Oct.(Just in Norwegian of course)  
Thank you for all prayers. I realise they are the best gift ever given to a person, makes the biggest impact (long term) and are the best blessings and expression of love to one person to another.

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  1. oh Maria, I love you and I'm praying for you! I hope you have an awesome time in the village, wish I could be there with you right now!!! xox