Friday, October 22, 2010

Safari and car race

My days at Minjila were fantastic. I had a room made out of mud and sticks, and no electricity and water. We really lived in safari land, and saw big monkeys, antilopes and other funny animals. Last night there were two lions roaring out for an hour. And on Monday of those lions killed a cow nearby. Our Askari, or watchman, were going around the area all night long with a self made bow and arrow. Pretty cool. It was so quiet and peaceful, I loved the place. Last night we were having a love feast dinner under the full moon, laughing and enjoying fellowship. There were a good cold wind, no mosquitoes and the food were delicious. It was so bright outside, no light that interrupted the natural shine from the moon.
Now I am back in the north, and will continue with the work I am doing here. I think it will be challenging, exciting and hard. I am glad I had a week with rest and prayer; I have filled up the gas in the car and I am now ready to speed of, and next to me I have the bible as the instruction manual. The road is ready, the race has begun. Cheer me forward, let us win!

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