Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Have long have I been here? Two weeks? It feels like So much more. Everything is getting better and better. There is new adventures around every corner and I want to tell you some few stories. Where to begin? Haha, have you ever had the feeling of being so full of stories and thoughts that you dont know where to begin? I went to an orphange yesterday, and that was really touching.

There were approx. 15 - 20 kids in all ages in this orphange. The smallest ones had a wet butt, cause they dont have any diapers, and they dont get changed before the end of the day.
I went there with some Americans I've met (They are awesome). We brought biscuits, and had to open the packages right away so Mama (Who runs the place) wouldnt sell them and buy stuff for herself. She is a drunky. We were there for 2 hours I guess, and had one child on the lap, before we had to give some love to another child. This kids are abandon and no one wants them. And the people in this village, doesnt reaaaaally like them. They(the village people) dont like us either, so we cant go there to much.
This kids are alone, with no identity.  They dont know have to play games, they never have.

The Americans I met are here for a student internship. They are so cool! They have taken me to town, and learned me some Swahili. We laugh together, and had some french homecooked dinner on friday. I feel blessed! I will hopefully do more with them, and hope to pursue them to do some projects in the schools with me. (They dont know that yet, haha)

I will write more soon, but right now I have to cut my hair. See ya! 

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