Thursday, September 9, 2010

First 5 days!

This country is amazing :D
 I spent my two first days in *tha* place and got to know heaps of people there. People with stories that shocked and amazed me. Some that had gone to the finest design schools in the u.s.a   and are now starting a jewelry business for some etnic groups here so that they can earn money to pay for their childerns school fee.
I went with them to the jewelry marked and were their young; input opinion. haha XD
It was so mindblowing to see how a business can take form..
A women  i talked to, german, had been here a looooong time by herself and told me and prepared me for some craziness I could meet. Thank you! She had learned some funny triks on how to get rid of the insects, and further on...
I met a man from a local tribe who told me about the first time he saw the phone ringing.. He didnt know what to do...

And now I am in *the next * place.( Had to take a long busdrive,i was lucky, i had a seat while other were hanging out the door)  i thought there were 70 000 people here, but came to the city and found out that, that was really wrong. This is a big place, with a lot of people.
so sometimes I ask my self; What can I do here!!????
my *new family* learn me so much. If  I came all this way just to give them the vision and get this learning back, then it is already worth it. I see things in new perspectiv, and things arent as we all think they are..
alot of people say they want to help with the african development, But dont you think they trying really hard alredy? I have seen the hope organization, unicef, unesco ( I think) and some less know.
And yes Africa do need us. But have can we solve a problem without knowing what the problem really is..

It is September and I am sweating day and night. My deodrant actually fell apart, and it will be hotter.
(Summer in December) I have just been in Malaysia and Australia, but wow this is different.

Take care wherever you are in this world. Never lose your hope, but keep striving after the things you want.
Please remember me, and pray.

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  1. Heyyyy Maria, I'm so excited for you and LOVED reading this! You rock! Keep the updates coming and be tremendously blessed, my friend!! :)

    Love, Kati