Thursday, September 23, 2010

A "normal" day

I wake up in the morning around 5.30 am when the donkeys are screaming, and city coming alive. I lay in bed, thinking of what todays day will bring, and what kind of troubble I have to avoid. I raise and shine around 6.30-7.00 am and fold my mosquito net and fold my masaii blanket. Breakfast; homebaked bread, guava fruit tomatoes and carrots served with coffe/Milo gives you the energy to go to your first appointment. I always tape my toes before I go out the house. I already have heaps of blisters. And then I normally visit different schools. See how peoples charity can effect communities and help to e.g. develop a village. Talk with people, and alot of thinking to understand how to develop longterm projects for this people.

Then I walk home. Everything is within a walking distance, but I get exhausted of walking in the sand and the sun shining bright, bright, bright on all of me. There is no "good, western" roads. It is sand, and I walk with long dresses to be appropriate and respectful.
I eat a delicious lunch that Mama makes. Rice and beans, some potato and some good -pancake similar bread. Then I sleep. It is to hot to do anything, and I just sleep, one - two hours.

At 4pm. I met up with some people or are doing cultural, religious and society studies. At 6 pm. it gets dark, and I play with kids here. When it is dark you have to figure out something to do that doesnt need light. And you are never out after dark, then you put yourself in great danger.
So, we play, talk, discuss and eat a good last meal, the dinner. We drink cold water, which is "a wow", we have beans and rice, potatoes and some soup and once in awhile a piece of meat. It is an perfect end of the day. We eat and watch our daily show on a korean channel. Then it is bed time at 9 pm.

I lay in my bed with my flashlight on. Reading a little bit in the bible. Always proverbs 3:24-26
Getting sleepy, and within 10 pm. I am sleeping with a thankful smile to God in my face.


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